NRG, our partner at Super Bowl Live 2016, provided guests with a "holographic" stereo 3D LED experience promoting sustainable energy. NRG Energy, a Fortune 250 company, is the premier 21st century energy company providing consumers and businesses the renewable energy choices they want. Providing an immersive tent showcasing a custom created 3D experience at one of the biggest events in the US, 3D Live was able to introduce NRG’s sustainable energy services to a whole new generation of eco-conscious consumers. This 10 minute video ran 8 hours a day for the 12 days leading up to the Super Bowl in Houston.

Our patented 3D LED system coupled with our expertise in the stereoscopic field enables us togenerate strain free viewing experiences.

Our 4D attractions are portable and have traveled all over the entire world. (UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, South By Southwest, FMX Conference in Germany, Broadcast Asia in Singapore, etc..