"One of the most creative stunts in festival circuit history"

FYF Fest Day 1: Missy Dazzles, Flying Lotus Does The Unthinkable & More



Readers' Choice 2017 Poll: Best New Amusement Park Attractions

USA TODAY 10BEST, January 1, 2017

"Star Tours, Back to the Future-The Ride, T2:3D – these are among the benchmarks to which all immersive media attractions strive...And to this prestigious list we can add a new benchmark – Mass Effect: New Earth"

Mass Effect: New Earth Brings Innovative AudioVisual Technologies to Silicon Valley’s Great America

Inpark MAGAZINE, MAY 19, 2016

"The colors are bold and striking; the 3D effects look more realistic than what you'll ever get at your local movie theater; and the huge screen gives IMAX a run for it's money."

'Mass Effect: New Earth' Theme Park Ride Looks Crazy Good

PC Magazine, May 18, 2016

"The founding duo of Nathan Huber and Ryan Pardeiro are redefining what people can come to expect from live events. Their team's blend of creative and engineering talent, matched with patented stereoscopic 3D LED technology, has led to some of the most innovative showcases of dazzling fun and learning."

Coachella Becomes a World of Augmented Reality with 3D Live and Lucent Dossier Experience

Yahoo finance, april 18,2016

"A remarkable virtual-reality “ride,” in which goggle-wearing people siting in vibrating, hissing chairs plunge deep beneath the sea."

To Cut Ocean Trash, Adrian Grenier and Dell Enlist Filmmakers and Virtual Reality

New York TIMES, March 15, 2016

"Watching the reaction on the crowd's face was like the first time I saw a rated-R movie at age eight - jaw to the floor."

Seeing Double With EDM Star Morgan Page

Fusion, November 14, 2013

"The future of the light show revealed itself in the form of a live performance with interactive 3-D visuals..."

L.A. duo Kid Infinity debuts 3-D light technology originally intended for Michael Jackson's London concerts

LA times, July 7, 2010