We help venues, artists, and brands meet the demand for immersive entertainment with our THEA Award winning LED display product.

  • Superior brightness, color, contrast and extreme 3D depth compared to other systems. Offers huge benefits over projection based Pepper's Ghost style "holograms."
  • Provides a shared immersive experience at scale, accommodating up to tens of thousands of guests simultaneously without the need for bulky HMDs.
6mm LED Panel.png
CF_ENT_Inside-T_S2E04_Mass-Effect-New-Earth-Technology_v15_JF_Vimeo-HD (0;01;51;08) copy.jpg


  • Wide viewing angle: 140º horizontal and 140º vertical.
  • Display capabilities: Modular design allows for any resolution.
  • Brightness: Can be adjusted from true black to a maximum brightness of 1800-5000cd/m².
  • Assembly: Specially designed aluminum cabinets seamlessly assemble.
  • Slim cabinet: Depth of 3 inches or less.
  • Polarization: Passive circular polarized 3D display.
  • 3D Formats: Accepts all passive 3D content formats.
  • Extreme Depth: Capable of displaying 3D images that extend 100’s of feet off the screen.
  • 2D/3D: Can function as 2D or 3D display.