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3D Live X Alienware: E3 Party

By June 14, 2016July 22nd, 2020No Comments

After the close of this year’s E3 Entertainment Expo, VIP guests were invited to an afterparty, hosted by 3D Live, and sponsored by Alienware.

The VIPs were able to enjoy a 3D Live Hololens AR experience, watch 3D Live’s Mass Effect: New Earth content on a 3D TV, ride Cry Out: The Lonely Whale– a 4D VR experience, play Lunar Drive on the LED wall, and play-test different VR installations.

At the end of the night, guests gathered around the 3D Live’s patented 3D LED wall as DJ Jen Lasher performed with our holographic 3D visuals exploding off the screen behind her.

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