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3D Live and Christie Digital Systems at IAAPA

By November 19, 2019July 22nd, 2020No Comments

3D Live and Christie have teamed up to show off a new high resolution display at this years IAAPA conference featuring 3D content from the most recent Big Gigantic concert.

End customers are demanding newer and even more immersive forms of out-of-home entertainment experiences and attraction designers and theme park operators must be equipped with the most impactful and versatile technical innovations to meet such demands.

With this need in mind, Christie®, the premier provider of high-performance display solutions and 3D Live, the world’s first commercial provider of passive polarized LED display technologies, have come together at IAAPA Expo 2019 to showcase a technology demonstration of the world’s first large format, high resolution (2.5mm pixel pitch) passive stereoscopic LED system.

Based on Christie’s Velvet® Apex Series LED video wall solution and using 3D Live’s patented 3D LED technology, the passive stereoscopic LED system provides an incomparable, immersive visual experience, enabling awe-inspiring 3D that can be seamlessly integrated with the real world and generating a “wow” factor that cannot be replicated at home.

3D Live and Christie are together pushing the boundaries of display technologies with their collaboration. The joint technology demonstration presents the exemplary capabilities of passive 3D LED and why it is ideal for next-generation visualization experiences in attractions:

  • Minimal ghosting: Up to 10x better stereo contrast than other passive polarized technologies

  • No eyestrain or headaches: High brightness of LED, no image misalignment, no juddering (caused by active shutter glasses), and little to no image leakage, all allowing for seamless stereographic fusion and no ocular muscle strain

  • Real-world interactivity: Ability to handle ambient light and the high contrast ratio of 3D LED creates a shared shadow space, enabling the suspension of disbelief as real-life performers interact with the display

  • High brightness: Easily achieves 100+ fL in 3D for an unparalleled viewing experience

  • High contrast ratio: 5000 to 1 contrast ratio for rich blacks and crisp visuals

  • Large color gamut: Super high range and purity of color reproduction

  • Operational efficiency and flexibility: Low power and heat, long operating life, minimal required maintenance, and modular form factor, facilitating unique system designs and small footprints

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