3D Live Services


3D Live Services


Our patented stereoscopic 3D LED is an exclusive hardware that 3D Live designs and manufactures. This technology creates "holographic" virtual environments that surround performers on stage and immerse audiences in deep worlds of color and light. We provide LED panels for both temporary and permanent installations in a variety of settings. From live music performances and tours, to conferences, retail and even amusement parks our certified technicians provide on-site installation and maintenance. We also provide custom branded 3D glasses that serve as a great take-home. A variety of frame styles and colors are available with logo printing as an option.

3D Live provides:

  • Manufacturing of  3D LED panels
  • Customized modular builds
  • Permanent installation
  • Equipment rental
  • Media servers
  • 3D Glasses
  • Onsite Technicians to build and operate


3D Live has established itself as a noteworthy force in the world of VR. We create customized VR experiences tailored to our clients’ specific needs, ranging from gameplay, interactive marketing, story telling, and social good. We offer versatile services in VR that push boundaries by crossbreeding unexpected technologies to design experiences that are unique and groundbreaking with tactile feedback systems, motion simulation, scent, inertial mo-cap, and more.

Reimagining the possibilities of immersive entertainment, 3D Live is the first and only company in the world to combine VR with 3D LED. This innovation has allowed us to unlock the solitary confinement of a VR headset, and display the virtual environment “holographically” around the player on stage making it an experience that can be shared by thousands at a time.

3D Live Provides:

  • Customized VR content creation
  • Motion Capture
  • Equipment rental for live events
  • HMD’s
  • High-Perfomance PC Rigs
  • Motion simulation
  • Technicians for onsite installation and operation


AXO serves as 3D Live’s multidisciplinary creative division. Our designers and creative technologists specialize in immersive and mixed reality content creation. With consistent critical acclaim and multiple accolades in the arts, the AXO team can execute an experience that your audience will organically connect with and remember. AXO has an extensive network spanning across leading industry specialists, allowing us to extend our creative services to include binaural sound system design, audio waveform beaming, motion simulation programming, projection mapping and more. 

AXO provides: 

  • VR, AR, MR design and development
  • Concept, Script Writing, Story Boards
  • Visual Design / VJ Content
  • 2D & Stereoscopic 3D Animation 
  • Sound Design, Music Score
  • Pre/Post production services
  • Unreal, Unity development
  • Stereoscopic 3D filming