3D LIVE - Virtual Rave - VRLA 2016

3D LIVE - Virtual Rave - VRLA 2016


The Virtual Reality Los Angeles 2016 Trade Show proved to be the perfect opportunity to showcase our most recent AR/MR experience. We partnered with VRLA, SubPac, The Wave, and WeLens, to create a never-before-seen synthesis of VR, holographic visuals, realistic tactile bass, and live music and dancing.

The Wave is a groundbreaking multiplayer VR application in which the user can both mix songs together and create music in a colorful, incredible 3D virtual environment. We worked with them to bring that environment outside of the headset and onto our holographic 3D LED screen, to bridge the gap between VR and the outside world. SubPac provided their wearable devices to make dancers feel like they were at a real music festival, with massive pumping bass attached right to the wearer's torso. WeLens provided a fleet of  VR headsets, and made it possible to synchronize the VR experience across the whole dance floor. The combination of all of these technologies made for the most futuristic and otherworldly VR rave experience that's ever existed, and one that is difficult to beat!

When guests entered the dance floor, they were fitted with a SubPac speaker backpack, equipped with a portable subwoofer built in for tactile sound. Audience members then chose to wear Gear VR headsets (provided by WeLens), or use our stereoscopic 3D glasses to experience the holographic virtual world. Real DJs, like Jen Lasher (pictured above) and GRIMECRAFT, took the stage– using HTC Vive controllers to mix tracks together, add effects, and control the visuals behind them in 3D virtual space.

Famed artist Android Jones also appeared, creating a virtual art piece at our exhibit. He used Vive Controllers as his brushes and the space all around and in-front of the LED wall was his canvas, producing visually stunning 3D artwork with unbelievable depth. The virtual holographic visuals flew off the LED wall, floating above and around the VR rave-goers.

Altogether, the event was a tremendous amount of fun, and thanks to our partners at SubPac, WeLens, and The Wave,  it was also a landmark in immersive media presentation. We can't wait to see what next year brings!



After the close of this year's E3 Entertainment Expo, VIP guests were invited to an afterparty, hosted by 3D Live, and sponsored by Alienware.

The VIPs were able to enjoy a 3D Live Hololens AR experience, watch 3D Live's Mass Effect: New Earth content on a 3D TV, ride Cry Out: The Lonely Whale– a 4D VR experience, play Lunar Drive on the LED wall, and play-test different VR installations.

At the end of the night, guests gathered around the 3D Live's patented 3D LED wall as DJ Jen Lasher performed with our holographic 3D visuals exploding off the screen behind her.