Ghost Series 3D LED Display

The Ghost series is an exclusive design that creates “holographic” 3D effects for indoor & outdoor LED applications. It’s a family of products with different pixel pitches in both indoor and outdoor models available in 500x500mm and 500x1000mm cabinet sizes. Featuring one-man handling, curve-able design, corner installation and quick maintenance. It’s the ultimate choice for companies who need one product for all jobs.

Extraordinary Performance

The Ghost series are all built with PWM high refresh rate driving IC to ensure the best visual results under all circumstances. The gray scale is first class even in very low brightness, delivering exceptional performance for live camera.

Super Lightweight

Built from Magnesium Alloy, the Ghost series beats most products on the market in weight. Handling is super easy, and in places where the load capacity is limited, its a great choice to reduce the overall hanging weight.

One-Man Handling

The Ghost series is designed for one-man handling. With two hands holding the top locks, upon insertion it will self-lock with the upper cabinet. Even the 500m x 1000m cabinet, which is only 11kg in weight, is easy enough for one man to install. With one hand holding the cabinet, the other hand releasing the locks, the job of dismantling can also be done by one person.

Maximum Creativity

Maximum Compatibility

The Ghost Series can be built as a flat screen, curved screen, corner angled screen or any combination of the three.
Flat screen
Curved screen
Corner screen
Creative config

Quick Service

Modular Design

Core electronics are placed into the power box which is fully sealed for protection. It can be easily detached from the cabinet frame by two handles. The power box for different cabinet sizes, and different pitches is fully exchangeable, making the management of spares super easy even if there are different models in house.

Identical Modules

Each module is 250x500mm with three sockets that connect to the cabinet frame. Whether it’s a 500x500mm or a 500×1,000mm cabinet, there’s only one type of module, eliminating the hassle of managing different types of modules for one screen.

LED Edge


• Corner protection designed to minimize damage during handling
• Pins at bottom of cabinet to keep LEDs away from the ground
• Optional reinforcement can be applied on edge of modules to enhance the strength of soldering points, significantly reducing the damage of LEDs on the edge

Climbable Frame

The 500×1,000mm Ghost cabinet is designed with super strong vertical bars to enable temporary stepping and climbing on the screen frame.