Maintaining his reputation as an EDM trailblazer and master of all things technical, Deadmau5 developed his Cube 2.1 visual hardware in anticipation of his late-2016 album release (the album itself being titled W:/2016ALBUM/) and subsequent 2017 tour, dubbed Lots of Shows in a Row.

3D Live’s creative wing, AXO, was commissioned to create specialized content for the new Cube 2.1 stage piece, and gladly rose to the occasion. Sharing the responsibility with Deadmau5’s veteran creative team, Production Club, AXO’s digital artists worked around the clock to develop content that took full advantage of the revolutionary cube’s potential.

Cube 2.1 itself is a gigantic cube, rotated in 3D space so that one corner points toward the audience. The sides of the cube that face the audience are covered in LED panels that move synchronously to enhance the carefully mapped visual effects. The result is mind-blowing.

The 2.1 iteration of the Deadmau5 cube made its debut during the live-streamed premiere of W:/2016ALBUM/, a full-scope stage show that took place at TAIT Towers in Philadelphia, PA– complete with AXO-designed visuals, and 3D Live’s own Tanner Thompson in charge of VJ duties.