A shocking exploration of the "near-death experience..."

Flatline, which is 3D Live’s most revelatory VR experience to date, propels the user through a harrowing trip into the afterlife. This first installment is based on the detailed, real-life accounts of hospital patient Gloria Hipple. After enduring horrifying physical trauma, Gloria “flatlined,” experiencing temporary death of the body, but not of the mind and spirit.

This 6-minute VR experience– the first in a series of six– illustrates Gloria’s psychological journey into a vortex-like limbo, inspiring thoughts about the boundaries between life and death; science and spirituality. Initially conceived by visionary director Jon Schnitzer and executive producer Julian McCrea, and co-produced by Portal Experiences, The Brain Factory, and 3D Live’s incredible VR developers; Flatline redefines virtual reality as an artistic medium.

Flatline is visually and sonically astounding– with a visceral CG world built by 3D Live’s talented animators and modelers, powered by Unreal Engine, and soundtracked by legendary record producer Nick Launay.

Flatline made its live experiential event debut on August 5/6, 2017 at ScareLA, staged in an ambulance and gurney to add extra dimensionality to the already immersive experience. This event setting, but moreover the VR experience itself, was met with acclaim from critics and fans, with subsequent reactions and commentary by The Huffington Post, NPR, and Viveport.