A revolutionary moment in live music history

On July 21, 2017 Flying Lotus revealed a groundbreaking holographic visual show to accompany his musical performance at the 2017 FYF Festival in Los Angeles to start his North American tour. The experience could not have existed without 3D Live | AXO’s peerless technology and talented creative staff.

The full visual experience, which resulted from another collaboration between 3D Live | AXO and Strangeloop Studios, astounded the festival attendees at LA’s Exposition Park with never-before seen stereoscopic content, custom-built for 3D Live’s holographic 3D LED wall.

Flying Lotus gave out 3D glasses to all ticket holders before the festival and delivered easily the evening’s trippiest moment and one of the most creative stunts in festival circuit history.

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Custom-designed stereoscopic 3D glasses were shipped out to every ticket-holder as part of the FYF welcome package and tour. The glasses, which were branded with Flying Lotus’ logo, along with those of his labels—Brainfeeder and parent Warp Records—contributed to the air of mystery surrounding FlyLo’s set.

The content itself was tirelessly crafted by AXO’s lead designers– Aron Johnson and Ian Valentine– working closely alongside Strangeloop, Flying Lotus’ long-time visual collaborator and live VJ. The stereoscopic conversions of all content were done by 3D Live.

With the glasses on, the audience saw laser fans sweeping out overhead like a false ceiling. Sleek digital objects popped out of nowhere to tower over his gear rig. Fields of stars blossomed behind him, making it look like Lotus was performing before infinite depths.

Los Angeles Times