3D Live VR production of Saweetie Icy University for Oculus TV

From hit singles like “Tap In” and “My Type” to big-name partnerships with McDonald’s and Jack Daniel’s, rapper Saweetie is no stranger to success. And you can learn some tricks of the trade with the launch of Icy University Season 2 in Oculus TV on the Oculus Quest Platform.

3D Live’s VR production of Icy University’s second semester takes you inside a custom 3D-180° world. The four-episode season covers a variety of topics with special guests. The first episode, available now, features singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer Chlöe Bailey.

To bring the new season to life, [matrix] artists in collaboration with 3D Live teamed up with Facebook and Oculus for a trailblazing partnership that’s bringing content to VR.

Season 2 of Icy University is a hybrid project, incorporating stereoscopic 3D video and a computer-generated set—an unusual technique that’s done in layers. Interestingly, the show’s “jumbotron” picture-in-picture is also in stereoscopic 3D, which was a challenge to pull off, but the 3D Live team was committed to hitting a high quality bar.

Check out the first episode of Icy University Season 2 in Oculus TV on the Quest Platform today.