A journey through an alien landscape-where you're in control of the action...

Ion Torq, another groundbreaking collaboration between 3D Live / AXO and 4D attraction innovators MediaMation, is a sci-fi thrill ride that combines full virtual reality with MediaMation’s pneumatic ATV hardware and our patented 3D LED displays. The combination of AXO’s spectacular and immersive VR/MR audio/visual content with MediaMation’s tangible 4D motion and effects makes for an experience unlike any in its class.

The VR/MR experience powered by Unreal Engine was built by 3D Live / AXO from the ground up– from creative concept to gameplay mechanics. The artists and developers at 3D Live / AXO strove to create an experience that was not only satisfying as a competitive video game, but also a jaw-dropping feat of visual artistry. In Ion Torq, each ATV driver and gunner team makes their way through a series of alien rooms and outdoor spaces that channel some of the intricate and chilling aesthetics of 70s and 80s sci-fi films, while still achieving an unique vision that is absolutely contemporary.

Ion Torq debuted at the 2016 IAAPA Trade Show in Orlando, FL, and made its second appearance at the 2017 VRLA conference in Los Angeles, CA. Both exhibits featured 3D Live’s signature holographic 3D LED wall, which creates a stunning Mixed Reality environment displaying the VR world “holographically” around the players as they play.