Immersive Holographic NFT Art Experience

3D Live presents a first of its kind NFT art show featuring the artwork of Orbseer.

A first of its kind exhibition offers a peek into 3d Live’s SuperSpace experience.  This new technology driven enhancement combines 3D Live’s physical metaverse portal and NFT artworks in ways never before imagined.

The exhibition showcases the work of Los Angeles-based artist, Alan Valentin, professionally known as Orbseer.

“Resillusion” is Orbseer’s debut, multi-experiential exhibition bridges the gap between physical and digital worlds. “My purpose as an artist is to pull on the thread between the dream realm and the waking realm; to explore the lucid dream state and share visions from the other side with a wide audience”, says Orbseer. Through the use of 3D Live’s Holographic 3D LED systems, guests will feel like they’ve stepped through a portal into the digital environments of Orbseer’s visions as the physical and virtual worlds blend.