An unprecedented development in immersive media

Brought to you by the Dell Technologies and the PGA’s World Golf Championship, Pitchplex: Mixed Reality Golf is a breathtaking next step in hybrid reality powered by Unreal Engine.

Combining interactive virtual reality with 3D Live’s uniquely holographic 3D LED wall, Pitchplex envelops players in a completely immersive 3D virtual reality, while simultaneously allowing spectators to join in the experience as the holographic visuals wrap around and react to the player’s movements.

Pitchplex, as a mixed reality experience, was conceived and developed entirely by 3D Live / AXO. A true MR experience is multifaceted– a synthesis of virtual reality and augmented reality. In this case, 3D Live / AXO’s crack team of developers, artists, and technicians worked together closely to seamlessly execute that synthesis. Pitchplex, the resultant product of those ambitious efforts, remains peerless in style and form.

In Pitchplex: Mixed Reality Golf, each active player wears an Oculus Rift headset while holding a real pitching wedge that tracks the user’s motion. The virtual golfer is able to hit balls into glowing targets, which then propel a second ball through a series of machines. Pitchplex is a race against the clock to advance the ball through the machines and into the hole before time runs out.

Designed for multiplayer competition, two friends can play at once, to see who can make the best time. Audiences are able to watch the players in a fully 3D environment– when a player hits a ball towards a target, spectators can see it’s trajectory, requiring only passive 3D glasses to witness the holographic effect.

Pitchplex provides an incredibly rich experience for those brave enough to play with an audience, but an equally compelling experience for spectators, whether it be those cheering on family or friends, eager players waiting in line, or even casual passers-by.

Pitchplex: Mixed Reality Golf was debuted on March 20th, 2017 at Dell Match Play in Austin, TX. The exhibit, which included four Oculus Rift stations and a 25 ft by 15 ft 3D LED wall ran through the duration of the event in the Dell Match Play Fan Village.