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Live Events

We work with artists and brands to create amazing 3D experiences that help them stand out from the competition in today’s highly saturated entertainment space

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  • From live music and concert tours, to conferences, retail and even stage plays our certified technicians provide on-site installation and maintenance

  • Compatible with tools already familiar to production teams

  • Customized 3D glasses serve as takeaways and can be used for sponsorship or retail sales

  • 3D Live provides:
    - 3D LED rental
    - Content creation
    - Video servers & backend
    - 3D glasses-Onsite technicians to build and operate

3D Rides & Attractions

Our 3D LED display can serve as the focal point of a major attraction or used as an enhancement for any media-based project, including action shows, walk-through experiences and dark-rides

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  • Breath-taking visuals that cannot be experienced anywhere else
  • Meets the extremely high capacity needs of entertainment venue operators while being as immersive as virtual reality
  • Can be integrated with other ride technologies such as motion / conveyance systems, immersive sound and 4D effects
  • 3D Live provides:
    - Concepting and design
    - Project management
    - Hardware, installation and technology integration
    - Content creation

Virtual Reality

Our deep expertise with years of working in 3D lends itself naturally to developing compelling VR content

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  • Our team is adept at partnering with clients on activations that serve as an ideal showcase for their content

  • We have developed multiple high-profile VR projects featured at prestigious events around the world
  • We offer complete workflows for project execution, providing the tools and assistance to deliver high-quality content
  • 3D Live provides:
    - Content creation
    - Unreal and Unity programming
    -VR equipment rentals
    -Live event deployment
    -Technicians onsite

Mixed Reality

3D Live can curate an end-to-end 3D LED mixed reality experience to help better showcase virtual reality content and create spectator value for those waiting in line or passing by

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    • Enables seamless mixed reality visuals without the need for a greenscreen or augmented reality HMDs
    • Creates a shared social experience and viewing value for nearby spectators wearing 3D glasses, overcoming the inherent low capacity constraints of the medium
    • We can work with clients to make existing VR content pieces compatible with the 3D LED Screen