We help venues, artists, and brands meet the demand for immersive entertainment with our THEA Award winning LED display product.


  • Our award winning product is versatile and ideal for live entertainment, location-based entertainment (e.g., theme parks), cinemas and other venues.

  • Superior brightness, color, contrast and extreme 3D depth compared to other systems. Offers huge benefits over projection based Pepper's Ghost style "holograms." Integrates seamlessly with full stage lighting packages without washing out the image.

  • Provides a shared immersive experience at scale, accommodating up to tens of thousands of guests simultaneously without the need for bulky HMDs.

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  • Wide viewing angle: 140º horizontal and 140º vertical.

  • Display capabilities: Modular design allows for any resolution.

  • Brightness: Can be adjusted from true black to a maximum brightness of 1800-5000cd/m².

  • Assembly: Specially designed aluminum cabinets seamlessly assemble.

  • Slim cabinet: Depth of 3 inches or less.

  • Polarization: Passive circular polarized 3D display.

  • 3D Formats: Accepts all passive 3D content formats.

  • Extreme Depth: Capable of displaying 3D images that extend 100’s of feet off the screen.

  • 2D/3D: Can function as 2D or 3D display.