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AXO + DEADMAU5 – New Album; Cube 2.1 Revealed Featuring AXO Creative Content

By December 2, 2016July 22nd, 2020No Comments

Last night, Deadmau5 live-streamed his brand new album, W:/2016ALBUM/, and also unveiled the incredible new Cube 2.1, an LED stage installation with moving mechanical panels and graphic content designed by 3D Live’s AXO, working alongside Production Club to combine unrivaled stage technology with unrivaled motion graphics.

The album stream, foreshadowing a 2017 tour, featured 3D Live’s own VJ to mix all of the stunning graphics together into a breathtaking auditory and visual experience. The video below for Deadmau5′ new song “Let Go,” chronicles the work that went into the live show, as well as Cube 2.1 in action.

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